Helpful Links

Check out these resources for more community information:
A community-based website
The Sitka Convention and Visitors Bureau (map)
The Sitka Chamber of Commerce
The Sitka Economic Development Association's website

Sitka Community Profile:
Compiled by the SEDA, presents an up-to-date overview of Sitka.
The city and borough government
A web and print guide to Sitka (good downtown map)
Our local newspaper, The Daily Sitka Sentinel

About Sitka, Alaska

Located on Baranof Island in southeastern Alaska, Sitka is a picturesque town of about 8,600 residents. Rich in both Tlingit Indian culture as well as Russian-American history, the Sitka area has been inhabited for an estimated 10,000 years. The main industries are health, tourism and fishing.  Sitka retains one of the most active commercial fleets in Alaska.
Residents enjoy a high quality of life in Sitka with its numerous forest and beach trails, abundant wilderness recreational activities, clean air and water, excellent health care facilities, and a wide variety of employment opportunities.  Sitka hosts several unique festivals such as the Sitka Summer Music Festival, Alaska Day, Sea Food Festival, and WhaleFest…it’s all in Sitka!